The Place Where She Ended Up

What was this place?

Helen Hensell
3 min readJun 24, 2022
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After several long minutes, or hours, or even months, she became aware that she could open her eyes. She wasn’t sure how long she was gone. She only knew that one moment that she was holding on to his hand, and then the next, there was complete darkness.

At least, she thought it was complete darkness. Her eyes were closed. Though she didn’t remember her eyes ever closing over their own accord. But they must have closed at some point.

Unless her eyes were open but she was gone from her body.

She shuddered.

And then, she decided to open her eyes.

Bright, excruciatingly painful light, shone down on her. She blinked several times, trying to adjust. But it was too bright.

She closed her eyes, considering.

She was laying down but on what she wasn’t sure. It was soft, however, like a warm linen blanket. Like the one that was on her bed that she had just abandoned.

Oh, how she wished she was back in her bed.

She felt with her hands. She felt nothing but the soft blanket.

Where was he?

She turned left, and then right, though her eyes were still closed.

But through her eyelids, she detected soft, warm light.

Should she dare to open them again?

Would it be okay?

And where was he?

After another moment of painful uncertainty, she finally decided to open them. Slowly, she untucked her eyelids from her eyes.

This time, it didn’t hurt. But the light still shone down on her.



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