How Blue Balloons Lead To Happiness

As dictated by my six-year-old daughter.

Helen Hensell
2 min readJun 12, 2022
Photo by Jorge Martínez, instagram @jmartinezz9 on Unsplash

I asked my six-year-old daughter to tell me a story. I wrote down what she said and then edited it to make it more readable. I hope you enjoy this brief glimpse into a six-year-old’s mind.

Once upon a time, there was a princess named Lisa who lived in a big castle. She was messy.

She found a horse. She rode the horse. She was so happy. She found something blue. She looked closer and closer and then she found more blue things.

They were balloons.

But, the king was worried about her. The king looked all around for the princess. The king went outside. And then, he found her. She was in a cave full of blue balloons.

And then, there was a different person. The princess knew her name. It was Princess Katie. Princess Katie wanted to live in the forest, but she couldn’t.

And then, Princess Lisa took Princess Katie to the forest. And then, they found a tiger. They were scared.

But the tiger was nice.

The tiger wanted to be a princess too.

Then, they saw an elephant. The elephant squirted water from its trunk. The water came at the princesses, who went back home.

The princesses fell asleep. The king found Princess Lisa again.

The king woke her up.

Princess Katie came to Princess Lisa’s castle. The king ran and hid under the bed. The king got out and hugged the two princesses.

The End.

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