Finally, The Truth is Revealed

And it isn’t pretty.

Helen Hensell
5 min readJun 27, 2022
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Three days later, Angie was laying on a comfortable white queen-sized bed. But it wasn’t a bed like the kind that she, or anyone back home, was used to. For one, it had no mattress. For another, it was too airy. When she asked her father what it was made out of the mumbled something indistinct. When she asked him again, he pretended that he hadn’t heard.

Regardless of whatever it was, it was comfortable. When she lay on it, she felt as if she was laying on air, as if there was nothing underneath her. She was laying on sheets that were so white and soft. When she pressed a finger or two against the white, she felt nothing but air. It was like a balloon almost, only she had never slept on one before so it was hard to tell.

The past three days have been comfortable. She had her own room with her bed, her vanity, and a closet filled with clothes. All of the clothes were white, for some strange reason. White was her least favorite color. She wished there were other colors, like pinks and reds and blues. Those were the colors that she liked to wear best.

But instead, she had to resign herself to wearing a simple white gown. It looked like a nightgown. For grannies. She looked down at it in distaste, frowning at the color and simple fabric.

She wondered why she had to wear this horrible color. But she apparently wasn’t allowed to ask.

Regardless, her time here has been nice.

Her father hasn’t yet told her anything so far. But he promised that he would that day.

As for Sarah, she found out much to her surprise that she was a good friend after all. For the past three days they entertained themselves by having a tea party, throwing a ball around, and brushing each other’s hair. She wondered why Sarah was here…



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